First of Many..?

So I am very new to the whole world of blogging.  The idea of me writing almost journal-like entries with the intention that anyone would actually want to read it kind of baffles me.  But….I get kind of tired of posting pictures and comments on Facebook and I think that some people would probably appreciate that I find a different outlet for those things!

The whole concept of “clean eating” is something I’ve played around with for a while.  One website slowly permeated my thoughts:  As my daughter got to the stage where I began feeding her real foods and not just bottles, I became increasingly aware of what I was putting in her growing body.  That, in turn, made me more aware of what my husband and I were putting in our bodies.  And so began the start of our journey into eating more and more whole foods and my love affair with the above mentioned site.

One thing you’ll note about my blog: I am no professional.  My pictures will be kind of crappy.  I won’t be consistent with new posts.  I’ll vent and and complain about what frustrates me and brag and wax on about how smart and wonderful my baby is, so much more smart and more wonderful than any other baby, of course.  Did I mention I’ll use quite a bit of sarcasm, too?

I don’t expect much of a following, and heck, I may do this for a bit and eventually forget about it.  Who knows when I’ll even tell anyone about this?  As I sit here trying to finish this post, I am continually being interrupted Audrey who decided to wake up a bit early from her morning nap in a very bad mood, which is highly unusual for her.  But, for now, this blog will serve as a sort of therapy for me: an outlet where I can voice my frustrations without being overly judged (and if I am, I’ll just delete your comment…so there!).

SOOO…with that, enjoy.


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