Horse Meatballs

The past few days have been busy around here!  With my class feeling like it takes up my entire Saturday, our weekends really fly by.  Yesterday, after our delicious breakfast (see previous post), we went to Ikea.  We were planning on looking around for a new media center.  Our current TV stand has a glass top that sticks out and doesn’t seem too safe for a 10 month old who’s taking over the house.  Anyways, we went to Ikea and ended up with a bunch of new rugs instead.  Oh Ikea, how I love you and your horse meat meatballs.  (I jest…I’ve never had their meatballs.)  Anywho, we got some new rugs and swapped a bookshelf from the basement with the TV stand.  Presto-chango! Our family room looks brand new and like some fashionable young couple lives here!


A runner behind the couch and a short one for the door for when Peanut goes in and out.


The new family room area rug and a tiny corner of the short runner between the family room and kitchen, and the bookshelf that now holds our TV.



Better view of the same two mentioned above.  Audrey is loving her new, more open feeling play area, and yes, that is my mini wiener dog on top of the couch.  I swear she is more cat than dog sometimes…though she is currently burrowed underneath my covers as I type this.

After Ikea, we came home (pooped!) and I made dinner…spicy meatballs (not horse meatballs!) over parmesan polenta.  Oh. My. Goodness.  They were sooo good!  And I even messed them up by forgetting to add the 6 tablespoons of milk.  Who says 6 tablespoons, anyways?  I guess it’s better than 3/8 of a cup (since that’s what it is).  We’re having the other half of the meatballs Wednesday for dinner.  Audrey gobbled hers up…it was the first time she had ground beef and she loved it!

IMG_0759 IMG_0760

She ate all the pieces of meatball before she would eat anything else 🙂

Today, Audrey and I took a trip out to visit Grammie at school.  Then we went to Grammie’s and Grandpa’s to play.  While Audrey stayed and played, I got to go to the dentist and get a cavitity filled.  Oh the excitement and fun in my life…can you stand it?!?  At least it was only one cavity.  The new dentist I was trying wanted to drill 8!!!  So when I found out my childhood dentist was in network for our insurance, I booked it over there and he found only 1.  PHEW!  When I got back from the dentist, it was time for Audrey to eat, and Grammie and I found that she cut her first tooth sometime today!  I would have taken a picture to post but the girl sticks her darn tongue out whenever you try to open her mouth so it was a no-go.  But I did get this one to leave you with.  Before she got changed into her jammies and got packed up in the car to go home, Audrey enjoyed her bottle in the most comfortable seat in the house.



I want a bean bag chair that fits me like that!  Well, I hope you were able to go out there and enjoy the weather today…it was beautiful out here in the midwest.  Tomorrow we’re supposed to get hit with the biggest winter storm of the season, so I’m running any errands early.  Speaking of early, I just remembered that my alarm is set for my 5 am workout time, so I’m heading out!  Good night!


One thought on “Horse Meatballs

  1. Just remembered you had a blog. Pretty cool. Keep up the good work. Will try some recipes when my life settles.

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